Howling Mad, led by Parry Malm, is a collective of digital anarchists. Our ingenious views on the digital marketing landscape make all the digital gurus, ninjas and jedis nervous…


Because our innovative, proven, insider marketing techniques are solely focused on making brands and media owners like you more money online.

Let us begin with a big, bold statement:

“Howling Mad will help you revolutionise your digital presence. By combining content, social, email, landing pages and intelligence, we GUARANTEE that Howling Mad will make your business more money online.”

Chances are, if you’re reading this, then you’re a digital marketer. You’ve probably hired some of the following types of agencies:

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) agency, Content Marketing agency, Email Service Provider (ESP) or Email agency, Performance Marketing agency, or a Social Media or PR agency

And if you’re like most marketers, the results of your agency’s services probably delivered nowhere near what you had hoped for.

You may have even lost money!

The main reason agencies underwhelm is they focus on the wrong objectives, and therefore implement the wrong strategies and tactics.

How are they measuring success for your business? Is it something like this:

Higher rankings on Google, More page views, More opens on your emails, Higher conversion rate on your landing page, More Likes on Facebook, Followers on Twitter, and so on…

So, let us ask you a question. What do these objectives all have in common?


This is how Howling Mad is different.

We understand why optics like page views and followers matter.
But we focus our marketing strategies on something different.

We focus on the bottom line. On revenue. On profit.

We help brands and media owners like you make more money online.



Marketing With Teeth™

That’s our strapline. But what does it mean?

All too often, digital gurus, ninjas and jedis promise unrealistic returns.

But in reality, they bite off more than they can chew…

When you work with Howling Mad, I’ll give you full access to the sharpest marketing teeth on the planet.

No matter how hard the problem, I’ll bite into it as hard as I can and will only stop when the problem’s solved.

Howling Mad is run by me, Parry Malm. I work with trusted partners and connections to deliver a wide range of solutions.

Here are just a few examples of projects I’ve done lately:

Bespoke Training

Briefing Media asked for a bespoke training package suited to their needs.  I listened to their requirements, built a training course specific to their needs, and helped them increase their results from digital marketing across the board.

The Association of Event Organisers (AEO)

 needed help – they needed someone to script, produce and promote a 15-video web series for their members.  I delivered them an amazing product, which has gotten rave reviews.


MediaLab Group needed a breath of fresh air.  I went in, listened to their issues, and “marketing hacked” my way through their online practices.  As a result, they’ve won a huge new client and are taking that to the bank.

CRM Retargeting

Before anyone knew what a Custom Audience was, I was talking about it.  Now, I’m renowned as the world’s leading expert on CRM retargeting.  And as a preferred partner of both LiveIntent and Retargeter.com, I make sure that you get the best results possible.


Parry is a digital anarchist. He thrives on the chaos of the modern marketing world. He uniquely disentangles the multitude of trends, tactics and turmoil to deliver you unbeatable marketing returns.

He’s quite a well-known dude in marketing circles… he was Econsultancy’s #1 guest blogger in 2013 (they called him “erudite and iconoclastic”) and is a renowned public speaker.


I started Howling Mad so I could help marketers build their brands, benefit from innovative strategies and tactics, and, well, make more money.

So why should you work with me?

Here’s a couple little-known facts about me:

I was Econsultancy’s #1 guest blogger in 2013 (no lie – check it out)

I’ve spoken at loads of conferences and trade shows, including:
MarketingWeekLive, AdTech, TFM&A, PublishingExpo, Figaro Digital,
Econsultancy’s Festival of Marketing, London Technology Week,
MarketingProfs… plus loads more!  (check out one of them here)

In 2004 I starred in (and won!) one of Canada’s first homegrown reality TV shows

I speak French and Dutch, and can somehow get by in Cantonese and Spanish

Some professional details:

I’m one of the world’s leading experts on email subject lines (check this out)

I headed up a £5m revenue stream for an international SaaS company

I ran a €1.3m marketing budget for a FTSE250 media company

I started up a series of charity poker tournaments that donated $5-figures to charity

To sum it up, here’s my belief about business and life:

“Be ferocious in your appetite for success, but humble enough to experiment.”  

I started Howling Mad to help media outlets and brand owners make the most of their audiences.  And I bet I can help you.

Here’s my promises to you:

I will guarantee you my full, 100% commitment to your marketing goals

I will guarantee that I’ll be 100% honest with you, all the time, even when it’s hard

I will guarantee you that I’ll work with you tirelessly to help your brand grow



Get in touch now to find out how I can help you to supercharge your digital brand.